Pickle Road Storm Sewer Improvements and Relief Ditch Project – Oregon, Ohio

Learn about how Jones & Henry prepared design plans for a storm sewer and a 9-million-gallon relief ditch.

Posted on: May 7, 2018


Jones & Henry prepared design plans for the construction of 4,000 feet of 24-inch through a 48-inch storm sewer and a 9-million-gallon relief ditch in Oregon, Ohio.

This upgraded storm sewer and relief ditch were intended to reduce flooding in the upstream areas in the southern part of the City located near Coy Road.

The new storm sewer was designed to replace existing undersized 15-inch through 24-inch storm sewers and provide additional conveyance capacity to the new relief ditch.   The storm sewer portion of the project was constructed along developed sections of Pickle Road within the City, requiring the relocation of their water, sanitary sewer, telephone and gas facilities ahead of the sewer construction.  The tight configuration of the storm sewer within existing right-of-way and crowded utilities, required the use of precast pipe bends to be placed along the storm sewer.

Jones & Henry carefully planned the alignment of the storm sewer and identified each of the pipe bends to ensure the accuracy of the storm sewer alignment in the design phase.  Additionally, Jones & Henry identified cost savings to the City with the use if Tee Manholes instead of conventional pre-cast structures.  These Tee manholes were constructed with a 48-inch pipe running horizontally and a 48-inch barrel section extending vertically off of the pipe.  This thoughtful pre-planning and investigation allowed the storm sewer to be constructed per plan with no changes in the design alignment.

Jones & Henry’s unique brand of Fluid thinking® was demonstrated on this project, requiring both a knowledge of the pipe materials available as well as the construction methods necessary for this large diameter storm sewer.

The relief ditch was constructed on land previously unusable for conventional development due to overhead high voltage electric lines and buried petroleum pipelines.

Through a careful planning process between the City and the electric and petroleum pipeline owners, an agreement was struck that permitted the relief ditch to be constructed on this parcel located between Navarre Avenue and Pickle Road.  The relief ditch was designed to incorporate a bike path project winding through the relief ditch site.  Native plantings were used to create a natural setting for the relief ditch, encouraging habitat for native insect and animal species.  The relief ditch was fitted with an outlet structure designed to regulate the flow from the ditch and allow excess flow to accumulate in the ditch.

To provide the City with flexibility on the discharge rate from the pond, Jones & Henry designed the outlet as an orifice placed in a blind flanged pipe section.  Should the City choose to increase or decrease the discharge rate, a new blind flange with a different-sized orifice is all that would be required.

Jones & Henry is currently providing construction phase engineering for both the storm sewer and bike path project.  This $2.75 million project is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2018.

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