St. Marys, Ohio – Water System Improvements

Jones & Henry has worked with the City of St. Marys, Ohio, on water-related projects since 1990. Past projects included...
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Strategy Development

Before any project can become a reality, there should be a plan in place to fund it. At Jones & Henry, we have specialists in project financing. Our staff works closely with our clients to determine what financing options are most appropriate for a specific project.

We act as a catalyst in bringing all the financing components together. We understand the need to structure a project so that it is technically sound and financially attainable.

Working in collaboration with each client, their financial advisors and funding agency representatives, we develop economical and affordable financing packages as a team. We help our clients minimize the local share of project costs while assembling the total funding package needed to construct and operate the project.

Jones & Henry will help your community develop a successful funding strategy by:

  • Identifying the key attributes of a project (such as public health, safety, environmental, financial, economic, educational and recreational benefits, etc.).
  • Galvanizing public support for the project through the participation of local stakeholders.
  • Taking advantage of the full range of funding options that are available, and leveraging multiple funding sources and types of assistance.
  • Provide a list of financial programs that apply to a specific project.
  • Prepare grant and loan application, and provide program management, including compliance with federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Suggesting phasing of project tasks or components so that financial resources can be maximized and budgeted.

Asset Management & Capital Improvement Plans

Jones & Henry is experienced in developing asset management programs and capital improvement plans for communities.

Our assessment management programs consist of various elements including:

  • Inventory
  • Condition assessment
  • Valuation
  • Criticality determination
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Best management practices
  • Evaluation of repair/replacement/capital improvement alternatives
  • Utility rates
  • Funding strategies

Our goal is to develop asset management programs that allow your community to plan for future capital improvements and avoid the “rate shock” that often accompanies major projects.

Through our asset management programs and capital improvement plans, your community can achieve financial stability and sustainability.

State & Federal Grant & Loan Options

Jones & Henry works closely with agency representatives to help you understand the available state and federal financing options for a project.

We prepare funding applications and provide grant/loan administration throughout the project. Many funding programs require a community to complete tasks prior to applying for their funds, including:

  • Facilities plans
  • Environmental reports
  • Cost estimates

Funding administration may require progress reports and performance certificates, and we can help with this.

Since we are well-respected by various funding agencies, we can identify the programs which are best suited for your project. We will help you take advantage of low-interest loans and other assistance which may provide greater savings than traditional grants.

Rates, Fees, Affordability & Cost of Services Studies

Although they must adhere to basic regulatory and industry standards, rate setting practices are as varied as communities themselves.

Through a building block approach involving planning, prioritizing, and budget analysis, Jones & Henry can help your community develop equitable utility rates and fee structures.

Jones & Henry will develop rate models that can be used to monitor rates on an ongoing basis and assist with future rate adjustments. Rate-setting methodologies also may be geared to the unique needs of your community.

Our utility rate and financing specialists are ready to help you address issues related to utility rates, fees, and affordability which have become so important today.

Rates charged for services must be equitable, acceptable to customers, and generate sufficient revenue. Jones & Henry has the technical and financial experience necessary to properly understand and evaluate existing rate structures and make recommendations for improvements.

Periodic rate, or cost of service studies, is an important element in maintaining adequate financial resources for a community’s utilities. We review existing conditions objectively and analyze current rate structures in detail to determine if there is a need for a change. Rate structures are analyzed for rate equity and revenue sufficiency.

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