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Collins Park – Water Treatment Plant

Jones & Henry has had a longstanding relationship with the City of Toledo, Ohio, since the 1920s, when they completed...
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Operators & Technical Support

From time to time, utilities lose capabilities in the operation and maintenance of their facilities due to personnel changes. The challenge presented is great, and must be met quickly. A different challenge occurs where a plant is performing poorly. The cause of the problems need to be identified and corrected through either capital improvements or operational adjustment. An approach to meeting the challenges is to bring in experienced personnel to guide plant staff through the learning process and to have them on operating and maintenance procedures.

Jones & Henry’s operators and engineers have assisted many communities in modifying operation and maintenance approaches to enhance plant performance. Additionally, we provide personnel to meet temporary needs.

Our operators have many years of experience, and many of them hold the highest licenses in their respective states. Our engineers, also highly experienced, assist in identifying equipment problems and design solutions to these problems.



Jones & Henry understands the needs of water and wastewater utilities. In fact, our goal is to create cultures that promote quality performance through continuous improvement.

Our operators and engineers focus on:

  • Establishing a link between the design engineer and the system operator
  • Developing and establishing good operation and maintenance practices for new and renovated facilities to achieve treatment goals
  • Identifying and resolving operation and maintenance problems in existing systems and plants
  • Training and retraining plant staff

Productive, cost-efficient facilities are what our clients deserve. We offer:

  • Training programs
  • Diagnostic evaluations
  • Operations and management audits
  • Start-up
  • Emergency services
  • Assurance to the design engineer
  • Production of customized O&M manuals
  • Technical supervision

Furthermore, Jones & Henry can help you bridge staff gaps, provide training, and diagnose problems.

Construction Services

One benefit of using a Jones & Henry project team is the construction service we offer. The team members most familiar with the design intent of the project provide resident representation, shop drawing review, and construction estimate review. During construction, these individuals act on behalf of the owner. This concern for our clients helps assure that construction activity progresses as smoothly as possible. Construction services offered by Jones & Henry include:

  • Resident Services
  • Owner’s Representative
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Process Software Development and Implementation

In-House Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

With our in-house team of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, Jones & Henry is equipped to handle every aspect of any wastewater, storm water, or water project that comes our way.


Civil Engineering

Jones & Henry is experienced in all facets of civil site design. We can assist you with negotiating permits, undertaking public participation programs, and responding to community concerns.

Services Offered

We offer all the services necessary to effectively and completely develop a site from concept to final construction in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. We tailor our scope of services to your individual needs.

The services include:

  • Site Master Planning
  • Survey Support
  • Storm Water Management
  • Underground Design
  • Negotiating Permits
  • Site Layout
  • Grading and Paving Plans
  • Cost Estimates
  • Final Construction Documentation
  • Assistance in Public Participation Programs

Construction support is available as well. We can also evaluate these sites for zoning and code compliance with local reviewing agencies, developers, and service providers to ensure proper installation and completion of all details.


Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering team has extensive experience in:

  • Designing piping and flow routes
  • Overseeing equipment installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Identifying ways to increase the efficiency and reliability of plants and systems
  • Planning and designing tools, engines, and machines
  • Collaborating with project teams on large infrastructure projects


Electrical Engineering

Jones & Henry has experience with:

  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Power System Upgrade
  • Emergency / Standby Power Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Motor Control Systems
  • Substations
  • Electrical System Grounding
  • Power System Protection and Coordination
  • Communication Systems
  • Lighting / Surge Protection
  • Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Applications
  • Power Factor Correction

Jones & Henry electrical engineers have designed a multitude of electrical systems for water and wastewater treatment facilities. Our experience includes the design and troubleshooting of very simple to complex electrical systems.

We also can assist you with:

  • Alternative energy studies
  • Cogeneration analysis
  • Construction drawing review
  • Contract bid analysis
  • Developing/preparing electrical equipment operations manuals, maintenance manuals and personnel
  • Electric rate analysis
  • Electrical energy audits
  • Electrical system review
  • Power/load surveys
  • Project coordination and representation
  • Startup and troubleshooting analysis

Instrumentation & Controls



Instrumentation, control, and telemetry are critical to the operation, maintenance, and administration of water and wastewater facilities.

Since effective instrumentation and control are essential to the operation of practically any installation, we design systems with easily accessible information and quick control responses.

Our scope of services ranges from the evaluation of a single sensing device to the implementation of multiple processors networked over ethernet. The result is a reliable, cost-effective control solution to serve long-term needs.



We can assist with all aspects of instrumentation and control:

  • Instrumentation Systems
  • Networked or Stand-Alone Programmable Controller Systems
  • Operator Interface Hardware
  • Plant-Wide Ethernet Networked Control Systems
  • Process Monitoring and Control (SCADA)
  • Radio Telemetry Systems
  • Total System Integration



The services we offer include:

  • Evaluation of Control System Hardware, Software, and Instrumentation Options
  • Evaluation of Telemetry System Options
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Operator Training
  • Selection of Operator Interface Hardware and Software
  • Selection of Primary Elements
  • System Start-up

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