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Aug 12

IRWA Operator Boot Camp

Peru, IN |

Aug 19

MWEA Biosolids Conference

Holland, MI |

Aug 26

IWEA Annual Conference

Fort Wayne, IN |

Aug 31

OWEA Technical Conference & Expo

Independence, OH |

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@JWCmonsters @ILRWA Turd hearder. He’s in the fraternity.

Fri Aug 07 17:43:24

Its #NationalUnderwearDay don’t flush your drawers or ya knickers. It screws with pumps. Not in the funny hahah way. 🤢🤮 https://t.co/RxdZn0If1l

Wed Aug 05 20:20:35

We are celebrating National Professional Engineering Day by introducing a PE who recently joined our team in Fort Wayne. Thankful for the expertise of all our PE's! #welcome #PEday #professionalengineer https://t.co/F0eoz3lJSv

Wed Aug 05 18:46:46

We are moving on to Round 2 - representing NWOhio in PAC Trivia! @ACECohio #PACTrivia #crushedit #trivia #DreamTeam https://t.co/GyHrnO7swO

Wed Aug 05 12:10:29

@neorsd They flush well enough. It’s the flowing down the pipe that doesn’t go too well. Need more water going down the pipe to move them along. Course then they get tied up impellers.

Tue Aug 04 01:49:09

#FluidThinkingMondays https://t.co/9ljtsKz5sx

Mon Aug 03 12:44:23

#FluidThinkingMondays https://t.co/qY1Jsc6MLr

Mon Jul 27 13:38:00

@TiffanyEngr Mistake.... Been there done that. Deferred maintenance is not a good look on anyone.

Wed Jul 22 23:33:22

We’ll be there. Best for last! #BootsOnGround https://t.co/Q3iZHYN6ke https://t.co/PYTV46B5VC

Tue Jul 21 19:16:07

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