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👍🏻👍🏻 https://t.co/tOXfJIWhhP

Sat Jan 16 05:12:05

@JayLund113 @recycledh20 @CentralSan I love the smell of a $#!T Plant in the morning.

Fri Jan 15 04:37:56

Yes. This 👇🏻 works. https://t.co/FzKpuR0Vnd

Mon Jan 11 04:43:57

And caused by a cracked cone valve. The details can kill even the biggies. https://t.co/aLAYmYm2SS

Mon Jan 11 01:15:04

Now that’s what I’d call a sewer collection system. https://t.co/BE7VgMx0HE

Sun Jan 10 16:05:24

RT @MSWmagazine: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE | Water utility completes 50-year effort to replace 500 miles of lead water service lines. https://t.co/2

Sat Jan 09 17:55:55

Manhole in fair structural condition - no rebar exposed but rough surface. 2 Leaks from the pipe connections and one at barrel joint. You’d recommend:

Fri Jan 08 11:36:38

In my line of work a flush always beats a full house. ♦️♣️♥️♠️🧻🚽

Thu Jan 07 14:32:51

RT @AaronDavPE: Hey, the new @KalamazooCity water tower along US-131 made the @TnemecCompany calendar! Shoulda been the main pic, but I mi…

Thu Jan 07 00:24:10

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