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Jul 26

One Water Technical Conference and Expo

Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati |

Jones & Henry is dedicated to providing quality engineering services. We are committed to meeting project requirements with exceptional service; to developing long-term relationships with our clients; and to providing continuing opportunities for our colleagues.

Plenty to celebrate this week, from World Oceans Day to Great Lakes and Freshwater Week. Covering over 70% of our planet, our oceans are not about to be forgotten! https://t.co/abOUYl4VS1

Wed Jun 09 18:45:01

RT @NWWSD: Here is the latest on our projects around our service area including work in @villageofmccomb, @PerrysburgTownship, and more...…

Mon Mar 08 16:18:27

I’m 95 years young this year. #Fluidthinking... https://t.co/72hDMbMp1S https://t.co/I33STQ4hSJ

Mon Mar 08 02:38:46

How old you were when you realized the volume of water on earth has been the same forever? “So I’m drinking Henry VIII’s bath water?”

Sat Mar 06 03:53:35

@AaronDavPE @NWWSD @neorsd @SanDistricts @CincinnatiMSD @MySAWS @DetectionInstru The license plate may not say fresh, but homes if you’ve got H2S Problems we’ll smell ya later... https://t.co/0uVWrszmIJ

Sat Mar 06 03:47:05

RT @AaronDavPE: @JHEngineers @NWWSD @neorsd @SanDistricts @CincinnatiMSD @MySAWS Yep, we've got the whole suite @JHEngineers... 0-50 ppm, 0…

Sat Mar 06 03:43:24

@NWWSD @neorsd @SanDistricts @CincinnatiMSD @MySAWS Nice logger.

Fri Mar 05 23:32:59

Check out Page 40 for some innovation on Sewer Rehab. #Fluidthinking https://t.co/Sqb2gWPgHT

Mon Mar 01 01:34:28

@directionalbore @sscunderground @Olaricbizhub @alykamo Jeopardy Question: A method of pipe installation to cross under terrain using a pilot hole, reamer and pull back.

Sat Feb 27 23:32:55

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