Permitting & Compliance

Apply Our Knowledge of Local Natural Conditions, System Capability, System Requirements, and Financial Ability


Jones & Henry has assisted numerous municipalities in securing permits that are fair, implementable, and require minimum compliance costs.

We provide this service to all of our clients for water, wastewater, and storm water projects.

At Jones & Henry, we believe that a permit should protect water (or air) quality without imposing an unreasonable burden on the community or industry.

In order to obtain these kinds of permits, we apply our knowledge of local natural conditions, system capability, system requirements, and financial ability to pay to achieve quality goals.



From time to time, facilities fail to comply with permit conditions. When this occurs, experts from Jones & Henry assist the plant to bring it into compliance through:

  • Discussions with plant staff on procedures
  • Reviewing sampling procedures, laboratory practices, operating schedules, etc.

We tailor our approach to the particular problem.

Our staff includes engineers and operators who assist facilities to come into compliance. If necessary, we can also assign personnel to a site for extended periods of time.

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