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Pickle Road Storm Sewer Improvements and Relief Ditch Project – Oregon, Ohio

Jones & Henry prepared design plans for the construction of 4,000 feet of 24-inch through a 48-inch storm sewer and...
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Collection, Conveyance & Storage

As a community continues to develop, additional demands are placed on its storm water conveyance systems because of increased runoff from impervious surfaces.

A storm water system usually has several components that can include catch basins, storm sewers, creeks, storm water detention ponds, lift stations, force mains, ditches, and drainage features to accommodate storm water runoff.

Consequently, improving storm water management is often one of the largest undertakings a community faces.



Jones & Henry can assist your community in improving all aspects of a storm water drainage system including:

  • Developing a Master Plan for system improvement.
  • Developing hydrologic/hydraulic models of the system to assess system deficiency and propose improvements.
  • Storm and sanitary sewer separation.
  • Design of storm sewers, culverts, and inlet structures.
  • Design of lift stations and force mains.
  • Design of detention ponds.
  • Oversight of construction.


Jones & Henry has assisted many communities with their storm water management programs, from the design of new conveyance and storage systems, to compliance with recent federal and state storm water quality standards and regulations.

We can help you develop and implement a storm water management program. Our capabilities include:

  • Developing a plan with measurable goals.
  • Mapping the storm water system.
  • Developing a public education and participation program.
  • Identifying storm water sampling sites.
  • Identifying funding sources for programs, including storm water utilities.
  • Developing strategies to achieve compliance that include both structural and non-structural approaches.
  • Designing required structural Best Management Practices (BMPs).
  • Developing a Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.
  • Developing procedures for construction site inspection of storm water control measures.
  • Participate in public meetings to discuss the technical aspects of the program and requirements.
  • Prepare handouts or brochures describing federal and state regulations and requirements.
  • Locate illicit discharges.
  • Provide language to a community’s legal counsel for the development of a storm sewer-use ordinance.

Utility Development & Management

Jones & Henry is a leader in working with communities for their storm water initiatives and partner with communities of any size to develop and manage storm water utilities. A storm water utility is similar to a sewer or water utility, and it provides a service to the public and is financed through the regular billing of customers through user charges.



When a community is considering developing a storm water utility, we will first help you to:

  • Identify current or existing storm water costs.
  • Estimate future costs and needs from a Comprehensive Storm water Master Plan.

Next, we will review the available options for your storm water utility (Flat Rate, Hydrologic Response Formula, and Equivalent Residential Unit, or ERU) to determine which option is best for your community.


Jones & Henry has performed large storm water storage studies which analyze the rainfall/runoff characteristics for watersheds up to 6,500 acres.

In order to alleviate downstream flooding, our firm makes various recommendations leading to the designs of retention/detention basins with overflow weirs, underground storage, existing weir structure modifications, and recommendations for the removal of repeatedly flooded structures.



Jones & Henry has considerable experience with these types of projects and has assisted clients with the development of:

  • Site maps.
  • Estimates of impervious surfaces and total area drained by each outfall.
  • Designs of storm water retention basins based upon pre- vs. post-development conditions.
  • Stage-storage relationships utilizing computer modeling, Storm water Management Model (SWMM) and dynamic profiling.
  • Water quality analyses.
  • Quantitative data based on samples collected during storm events for required parameters.

Storm System Modeling

Jones & Henry utilizes mathematical models to help communities like you to develop effective management strategies to reduce the impact of flooding.

Using solutions like the EPA’s Storm Water Management Model (SWMM), we can tailor the complexity of your model to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your storm system’s behavior and performance.

We can assist you in your storm water management strategies to achieve the most efficient expenditure of capital resources, improve urban drainage in your community, and ameliorate common flooding impacts.

Some specific activities we can help you with include:

  • Model development
  • Flow monitoring for model calibration
  • Identifying deficiencies in your drainage system
  • Proposing strategies for improvement
  • Developing prioritized lists of improvements
  • Providing cost estimates for improvements
  • Training owner-employees in the using of modeling software

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