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Posted on: July 9, 2018

Since 2012, Jones & Henry has assisted the City of Lorain, Ohio, with their annual water main replacement program as part of the utilities department’s commitment to upgrade their aging infrastructure.

This program is included in a larger vision the City has for boosting economic growth and development in its region.



Like many Midwestern communities, the northeast Ohio City of Lorain, which borders Lake Erie and the mouth of the Black River, had infrastructure dating back to the mid-20th century which was beginning to require replacement after decades of reliable use.

Because these pipes were subject to frequent leaks and breaks with unreliable valve operation, the City decided to implement this program to replace and upgrade a portion of their infrastructure on an annual basis.


Projects & Solutions: 6 Years of Successful Water Main Replacements

The City of Lorain has selected Jones & Henry to be a part of many water projects.

Commencing in 2012, Jones & Henry performed a detailed evaluation to identify pipe segments for replacement.  Building upon the recommendations of the initial study, Jones & Henry has completed the design of the replacement of several water mains under the project management supervision of Vice President and Director of Infrastructure Ted Bennett.

Reid Avenue Water Line Replacement Project

This project involved the replacement of approximately 9,200 feet of 8-inch through 12-inch water main replacement.

The new work included the construction of new hydrants, valves, and water services piping, as well as all surface restoration improvements. The new water mains were constructed utilizing insertion valves to maintain water service to customers while the new mains were connected to the existing water mains.

Additionally, seven 24-inch gate valves were replaced on the existing transmission water main.

Although the existing 24-inch transmission waterline pipe was determined to be in good condition, many of the valves were inoperable.  Also, the 24-inch transmission waterline could not be taken out of service to perform the valve replacements.

To perform the valve replacements, bypasses using line stops were employed to avoid interrupting the flow through the 24-inch transmission water line while the valves were replaced.

Washington Avenue Water Line Replacement Project

This project consisted of the replacement of approximately 13,600 feet of 8-inch through 12-inch water main replacement.

Like the water line replacement project on Reid Avenue, this project also encompassed the construction of new valves, hydrants, and water services piping and improvements to the surface restoration.

Hamilton, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Street Water Line Replacement Project

For this third project, approximately 18,700 feet of 8-inch through 12-inch water mains were replaced for the City of Lorain using the same types of construction work and the same construction methods as the water line replacement projects on Reid Avenue and Washington Avenue.

Broadway, Skyline Drive, and Jaeger Road Project

This extensive project comprised approximately 8,000 feet of 8-inch through 16-inch water main replacement.

Skyline Drive and Jaeger Road were constructed by trenchless methods. Meanwhile, the work on Broadway was expedited to be completed in advance of a paving project.

Included in the work were CIPP repairs to a 45-inch by 35-inch horizontal elliptical brick sewer and the replacement of three sanitary sewer manholes.

18th Street and Lexington Avenue Water Line Replacement

In response to several water leaks, Jones & Henry prepared design plans and specifications for 6,300 feet of 8-inch water main replacement. The design work was completed in three weeks and included surface restoration improvements and the construction of new valves, hydrants, and water services piping.

Westside Water Line Replacement – Phase 2

This project is currently in design, with construction planned for the summer of 2018, and involves the replacement of approximately 16,000 feet of 8-inch through 12-inch water main replacement along Oberlin Avenue, Leavitt Road, Skyline Drive, 35th Street, 8th Street, Rita Avenue, Chestnut Court, and Walnut Court in Lorain.

Work proposed along the main thoroughfares of Oberlin Avenue and Leavitt Roads requires close coordination of the project with the City’s services and schools.

Also included in the work are two crossings of the City of Elyria’s water transmission mains running through the work area. Jones & Henry is coordinating these crossings with the City of Elyria’s engineering and water departments.



Since starting water main replacement work with the City of Lorain in 2012, Jones & Henry has completed over $20 million in water main replacement work for the City.

With the new and forthcoming improvements to their infrastructure, the City of Lorain is now poised to meet the needs of current and future residents and businesses.

“I have found Jones & Henry Engineers to provide high quality design and construction engineering services. Jones & Henry Engineers’ work for the City of Lorain has been marked by: excellent communication, [an] attention to detail, practical design solutions, [and] considerations for constructability and contingencies.” – Dale Vandersommen, P.E., City Engineer, City of Lorain


Lorain Ohio Jones & Henry

Bore and Jack Casing Installation on Skyline Drive for the City of Lorain


Water Main Construction, Winter 2015-2016

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