Ford Road Pump Station Improvements

Northwestern Water & Sewer District

Posted on: December 14, 2023

The groundbreaking project for The Northwestern Water & Sewer District in Perrysburg Township represents a paradigm shift in sanitary sewer infrastructure, showcasing a convergence of innovation and efficiency. At its core, this initiative involves the overhaul of a critical sanitary sewer pump station, marking a significant leap towards enhancing pumping capacity and tackling the challenges posed by aging structures and equipment.

A standout feature of this project lies in its departure from traditional dry well/wet well pump stations. Instead, a cutting-edge submersible-style pump station has been introduced, with pumps strategically placed in a below-grade wet well, an engineering marvel set at an impressive depth of 50 feet below final grade. This not only demonstrates a commitment to advanced technology by The District but also ensures optimal functionality and adaptability to varying influent flow rates through the implementation of variable speed drives.

The holistic improvements encompass not only the pump station itself but extend to a meticulously designed pump station control building. Beyond its functional aspects, this structure integrates seamlessly with the surrounding community, boasting both landscaping and architectural features that harmonize with the environment. It exemplifies a conscientious approach to infrastructure development, proving that functionality and aesthetics can coexist.

A critical aspect of the project is the inclusion of a 48-inch sanitary sewer construction, a testament to its comprehensive scope. The addition of a new generator further fortifies the infrastructure’s resilience and ensures uninterrupted operation during unforeseen circumstances, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to infrastructure resilience.

In a move that underscores the commitment to sustainability and community integration, the firm capacity of the pump station has been planned at an impressive 4,000 gallons per minute (gpm). This not only addresses the immediate needs of the district but positions the infrastructure for future growth and demands, embodying a visionary approach to infrastructure planning.

Remarkably, the existing pump station’s wet well and buried steel can enclosure are not simply discarded but are planned to be abandoned in place, demonstrating an environmentally conscious strategy that minimizes surface disruption and wasteful removal work.

Throughout the construction phase, collaboration between Jones & Henry and the District’s construction contractor has been pivotal. Their concerted efforts in communication and coordination have not only streamlined the construction process but have also maximized the overall value and speed of implementation.

As the project races towards its completion scheduled for the spring of 2024, it stands as a beacon of innovation in infrastructure development. Beyond the mere replacement of a pump station, it represents a visionary leap into the future of sanitary sewer systems—a future characterized by adaptability, sustainability, and a harmonious integration with the communities it serves.

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