Village of North Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Discover how Jones & Henry worked with the Village of North Baltimore to design improvements at the wastewater treatment plant and a remote pump station.

Posted on: July 20, 2018

The northwest Ohio village of North Baltimore, Ohio, has made significant strides in recent years in upgrading their water and wastewater facilities.

One of their major areas of focus has been their wastewater treatment plant, which Jones & Henry assisted them with for several upgrades and improvements.

Evaluation Process

Jones & Henry worked with the Village in the final phase of their sewer separation to design improvements at the wastewater treatment plant and a remote pump station.

To begin, Jones & Henry performed an evaluation of alternatives and prepared the preliminary engineering report for submission to the USDA Rural Development.

The wastewater processes which were evaluated included the raw sewage screening, raw sewage pumping, new electrical service entrance, and power distribution including a new motor control center (MCC) and plant control system (SCADA), new laboratory, and replacement of the pump station which services the industrial area and the truck stop.

Services & Solutions

Jones & Henry provided engineering services, final design, and construction administration for the wastewater treatment plant improvements.

The project included improvements to the headworks, as well as the installation of a new channel grinder and fine screen located in the existing influent channel.

Meanwhile, the screening room was rehabilitated with new electrical controls and HVAC equipment.

Also, the sewage pumps were replaced with new screw centrifugal pumps, new piping, and valves.

A new laboratory was built including a storage garage and restroom, and the old laboratory was converted to a control room that houses all new electrical gear and plant control panel.


Since this project was completed, the average daily flow to the wastewater treatment plant has been 300,000 gallons per day, with a max daily flow of 1,500,000 gallons per day.

Now, North Baltimore can benefit from an improved plant and pump station that is designed to meet the current and future needs of its residents. `

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