Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Northwestern Water & Sewer District

Posted on: November 3, 2023

Jones & Henry and the Northwestern Water & Sewer District have worked to complete several sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects in the past. Many of which were designed on hand drawn maps, excel sheets or created on the Northwestern Water & Sewer District’s online GIS database. Jones & Henry has since shifted to electronic maps that create a visual of the planned repairs that can be used in the field.

These have found their implementation in sanitary sewer evaluations and several rehabilitation projects. One of the first projects that they were used was the McComb Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phase 2 project. The Northwestern Water & Sewer District provided Jones & Henry with files from their GIS that were used as the basis for the map. This allowed for the sanitary sewers and manholes to accurately be projected on Google Earth. The different rehabilitation methods used in the project including root cutting, cured-in-place lining, lateral point repairs, manhole lining and many others were depicted on map. This map could then be taken in the field and used with location services to pinpoint the repair locations.

These maps have since evolved to include more accurate lateral and appurtenance locations as well making their locating capabilities increasingly  useful in the field. They have also evolved to include pipe information and specifics on the recommended rehabilitation methods.

Projects like McComb Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phase 2 have become successful due to visualizations of the repairs being provided to the contractors, and the aid the maps provides only continues to increase with each project as contractors offer commentary and suggestions on what could make the maps more beneficial to them during the construction process.

Jones & Henry is not only working to evolve with today’s technology but the clients and contractors that they work with. This allows Jones and Henry to design successful and reliable for projects for clients like the Northwestern Water & Sewer District.

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