Oregon Road Altitude Valve Improvements

Northwestern Water & Sewer District

Posted on: November 3, 2023

A new District water tower was planned to be constructed near Lemoyne Ohio. The closest booster pump station (BPS) was miles away on Wales Road in Rossford, Ohio.

The Wales Road BPS would not be capable of filling both the existing Oregon Road Water Tower and the new Lemoyne Water Tower alone. The District turned to Jones & Henry to determine a quality solution to modulate the flow at the Oregon Road Water Tower to assist the Wales Road BPS filling the new Lemoyne Water Tower.

Jones & Henry reviewed record plans and an existing model for the Wales Road BPS and Oregon Road Water Tower to assess the flows, pressures, and head loss throughout the system. A variety of valves were assessed based on operation and performance criteria. Altitude valves with solenoid operation, altitude valves with a pilot system, and a motor-operated butterfly valve were compared both based on performance and operation. While all three types of valves were viable options, less than 5 psi of head loss at 5000 gpm, adjustable closure speed, double acting bi-directional flow, Jones & Henry recommended the altitude valve with solenoids as it met more of the District’s needs such as a higher degree of operational control and less operational oversight and calibration.

The final product included an above-grade unit masonry building to house the 18-inch altitude valve, piping, and 16-inch bypass piping and valves. The Altitude Valve Building (AVB) also houses a monorail system to lift the valve out of the building for maintenance, complete HVAC system, and telemetry panels. A below-grade precast valve chamber was installed on the existing water tower distribution/fill water main to house a series of butterfly valves to isolate the AVB for maintenance. A new propane tank and liquid propane generator were installed to provide back-up power to the site. Water tower levels and pressures, valve chamber sump pump alarms, and an AVB entry alarm were integrated into the District’s SCADA system.

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