J&H Introduces YP

Posted on: November 6, 2023

J&H Introduces YP

What a time to be a young professional; earning your first big kid paycheck, learning to climb the corporate ladder, wondering how to obtain as much knowledge about your career as your manager, and wishing you could get to know co-workers better who have similar years of experience. What better way than to join the company’s Young Professionals group?

For that past few decades, Jones & Henry Engineers has been predominately comprised of mid-level to senior-level employees with a handful of young professionals. Not until the end of 2022 did the company gain a significant number of young professionals, now making up over a quarter of the company’s workforce.

At the holiday party, two young professionals met and discussed their aspirations and ideas to incorporate a young professional’s group into the company to develop professional skills and create a social atmosphere. The two shared their ideas with management who were ecstatic and willing to provide support in any way possible, and the Jones & Henry Engineers YP Group was created. Management continues to support the YP Group and found opportunities to have YPs assist with some of the company’s aspirations and ideas.

The group consists of over 20 members from all five of Jones & Henry’s offices. Experience ranges from 0-10 years and members include high-school and college interns, admin, finance, IT, Revit and CAD technicians, resident project representatives, and engineers of all disciplines.

While it took some time, the YP Group has finally found its groove. Each month, the group invites a more experienced employee to share her or his professional journey and any advice for younger professionals to use for professional and/or personal development.

Information about upcoming seminars and conferences, a library containing good book recommendations, and opportunities to break off into focus groups (such as emotional intelligence) have been made available to all members of the YP Group. There is even a segment called spotlight member where a random member is selected to be highlighted for the month. That individual prepares a presentation about his or her position and hobbies and presents to the group at monthly meetings.

But what’s work without a little play? The YP Group is proud to also maintain a social schedule bi-monthly, often a few rounds of the virtual game Quiplash. Individual offices are also encouraged to pursue local social events together. The YP Group also had its first annual in person outing at the Toledo Mud Hens. Although the game was rained out, members from all offices got together to socialize and talk about group development.

The YP Group has had the opportunity to learn about other members’ type of work, to set boundaries with digital distractions, to be aware of different personalities, that hard work pays off, how to plan and manage the group budget, and so much more. Confidence and camaraderie are flourishing; younger YPs are referring to older YPs as resources for questions about design, the company, and the stages of life as a younger professional.

The Jones & Henry Engineer’s YP Group was proud to host its first company wide event with Speed Networking and Generational Jeopardy in September. The group hopes to incorporate more of these events to promote leadership and camaraderie and, of course, Fluid thinking®.

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November 6, 2023