Gregg J. Simon, PE, Selected As 2021 Toledo Area Engineer Of The Year

Posted on: February 24, 2021

Jones & Henry Engineers is proud to share that one of our senior leaders and a Principal of the firm, Gregg J. Simon, P.E., is this year’s NSPE Engineer of the Year! Engineer of the Year is an honor withheld for the best of the best. This year we celebrate Gregg, for all he has provided our clients, our team, and the infrastructure of our greater Toledo region.

The Toledo Society of Professional Engineers, a local chapter of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers. Founded by the NSPE in 1951, EWeek (February 21–27, 2021) is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. Today, EWeek is dedicated to raising public awareness of engineers’ positive contributions to quality of life, EWeek promotes recognition among parents, teachers, and students of the importance of a technical education and a high level of math, science, and technology literacy, and motivates youth, to pursue engineering careers in order to provide a diverse and vigorous engineering workforce.

A Virtual Luncheon by the TSPE was held on Tuesday February the 23rd at Noon. The Zoom meeting may be viewed here

2021 Engineer of the Year: Gregg J. Simon, P.E. 

Gregg J. Simon, P.E., a lifelong resident of Amboy Township, Fulton County, Ohio, joined Jones & Henry Engineers more than 20 years ago and shares the professional experience of more than 40 years in the industry. Gregg is a registered Professional Engineer in both Ohio and Michigan.
As a Professional Engineer, Gregg promotes the benefits of the industry and their firm as a priority over standing out individually for his work. Gregg supports students from an educational capacity and through organizations by inviting visitors to the firm during Engineers’ Week, engaging UT student co-ops, and participating in Speech Meet through the FCEDC (Fulton County Economic Development Corporation) as a judge. The TSPE MATHCOUNTS competition is also a favorite that Gregg has assisted with over his years in the industry. Gregg is heavily involved with ACEC (American Council of Engineering Companies), most recently as a PAC committee member. He understands PAC support is needed to continue relationships with local, state, and national representatives to ensure the engineering industry and water/wastewater-related infrastructure is well-represented during funding and decision-making processes. Our community’s health benefits from Gregg’s contributions.

After graduating from Adrian College and the University of Toledo with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, Gregg spent nearly ten years working as a ground water consultant early in his career, during which time, he also pursued and obtained his Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toledo. He worked at the former AVCA Corporation for several years before joining Jones & Henry Engineers in 2000 to further his civil engineering career in water resources engineering. In regard to technical training and knowledge, Gregg has demonstrated his site engineering and project management expertise on hundreds of projects in the Tri-State area.

As the Office Director of the corporate headquarters of Jones & Henry Engineers in Toledo, Gregg is often one of the first people new employees and clients meet. His wholesome and jovial nature is remarked upon by many clients who often become professional “friends” of the firm. Gregg’s commitment to the success of anyone who serves on the team is evident, and he is often the go-to office resource for mentorship and guidance. If you spend time with Gregg, you will learn that one area of vital importance to him is his family – and especially his grandchildren. Working hard but maintaining a balance and having a commitment to family is important to Gregg. He extends that advice to those on his team as well.

In his leadership role in the organization, Gregg is not just a figurehead, but a natural leader, others look to for guidance. In addition to his industry involvement and public involvement as listed in his submission for this award, Gregg has provided professional leadership to a number of communities through his engineering profession. Clients look to Gregg as a client principal to guide their communities through short- and long-term planning and development of infrastructure assets. Within the engineering profession, he has been very active among industry organizations such as the National/Ohio/Toledo Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE/OSPE/TSPE) and the aforementioned ACEC, holding leadership positions in both state and local chapters.

Gregg’s involvement in organizations demonstrates his commitment to the overall success of our region. He notes that working for a firm that was founded in Toledo and has become a regional leader in water and wastewater has provided a deep pride in his career. Contributing directly to the success of communities in our region by providing technical guidance and long-term planning in the region where we work and live is something that has helped set the firm and Gregg’s careers apart. Gregg noted his thanks on being able to spend his career being so tied to tangible projects in our regional work in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

“On a personal note, I would like the thank the selection committee and TSPE for this honor and will endeavor to faithfully represent all engineers in advancing our profession. I would also like to thank all my past and present colleagues at Jones & Henry Engineers for their support over the years and their unwavering commitment to developing engineering leaders, which they have been doing for almost 100 years. Their commitment to ‘doing it right,’ always looking out for the best interests of the client, continuous focus on ethics, and the safety and welfare of the public makes them the model for all engineering firms. They should be commended for their support of our profession.

Going forward, there are a couple of issues that all of us as ‘engineers’ should take to heart. First, we should all be mentoring someone to help nurture and develop them to further the cause of our profession. It doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t matter if you are an old goat like me or someone fresh out of college. There is always someone out there who could use some support and guidance to shorten the learning curve in their development to the next level. Second, never take for granted the high level of respect that our profession has developed over the years. It is a reputation that we should all be proud of, but is easily lost, if we don’t hold each other to the highest standards of excellence. Do not compromise these standards and erode the trust that the public has in our ability to ‘do it right.’

Finally, to my wife, Bev, this award is as much yours as it is mine. For well over 40 years, you have always been there for me, keeping me grounded and always having a positive outlook on what tomorrow brings. You gave me three wonderful children who have each in their own way developed into successful, productive, and engaging adults. And best of all, they have given us four grandchildren that have brought more joy and happiness into our lives than I could have imagined. I’m thinking now that a couple of them could extend the “Simon Engineering Legacy” if we play our cards right. At least, I hope so.
Thank you all again for this award. I am humbled to accept it on behalf of all the hard-working engineers out there, and I look forward to future opportunities to learn from each of you.

Be well and stay safe.”

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