Electronic Document Policy

In the course of our regular operations we provide electronic documents such as word processing files, spreadsheets, CAD drawing files, and graphics for the convenience of our clients, project partners, and suppliers.  These files may be transmitted as part of an email, downloaded from our web site, or sent on storage media such as CDs, or tape.

Unfortunately, even though using electronic documents is fast and convenient, there are a number of issues associated with their use.  Electronic files can be damaged or be modified inadvertently. The information in electronic documents may be presented on your system differently than the original because of differences in the software used, printer driver files, or system setup.

For these reasons the information on files you receive may not be accurate.  Any conclusion or information obtained or derived from such electronic files will be at your sole risk.

Information contained in the electronic documents is for information and reference in connection with the specific project it relates to only.  The information is not intended or represented to be suitable for reuse on extensions of the original project or on any other project.

You should perform an acceptance test of the electronic documents immediately and inform us of any problems with the electronic documents.  Jones & Henry will not be responsible for providing additional copies of these electronic files to you after 60 days from the date the documents are provided to you.

Additional conditions relative to Use of Documents may be in the Agreement between Jones & Henry and our client, and should be reviewed before you attempt to use the documents.

If you have any questions or comments please contact:


Jones & Henry
Engineers, Ltd.